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Early Head Start

What is Early Head Start?

The Early Head Start (EHS) program is for low-income infants, toddlers, pregnant women, and their families. EHS programs promote healthy prenatal outcomes, enhance the development of very young children, and promote healthy family functioning.



There are two different program options in Early Head Start. These options are Home Based or Center Based. Below, you will find information about each one of these.

Home Based:

This option will serve pregnant women and infants. Pregnant women will receive a home visit from a Home Visitor one time per week. Services will include access to prenatal health care, prenatal education, and breastfeeding education. EHS staff members can individualize the program to support expectant parents and meet family needs during the prenatal period. Expectant parents will attend a support group twice per month with other expectant parents in the program that will include educational topics and fun activities.



Infants and their families will receive a home visit from a Home Visitor one time per week lasting 1½ hours. During weekly home visits and group socializations, Early Head Start staff plan activities with families to foster the child's development, increase family literacy, promote healthy parent-child relationships, provide parenting support and education. Twice a month, infants and their family will attend group socialization with their family members twice per month. These group socializations will allow the infant and family to engage in planned activities and interact with other families. The Home Based program was created to help you help your child reach the goals you have for them.


If a family that has a toddler is not interested in the center based option, they will be eligible to participate in the home based option.

Center Based:

This option will serve 8 infants and 48 toddlers (up until 3 years of age) in classrooms that are located throughout the community. Each classroom is staffed with two Early Head Start teachers and a Family Advocate. Each classroom will operate approximately 6½ hours per day, Monday - Friday.

Children are served nutritious meals. The High Scope Infant Toddler curriculum is individualized to meet the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional needs of each child. Each Family Advocate will visit each family once per month to develop a plan that is driven by the parents' identification of family strengths, needs, resources, and goals.

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