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Personal Assistance Program Responsibilities

Consumer Responsibilities

  • Nurse assisting a gentleman in a wheelchairManaging the services of the persons you employ including recruiting, interviewing, training, supervising, and dismissing the employee;
  • Informing CAPCO of changes in your, or your PA(s) status, which may include hospitalization, address, phone number;
  • Scheduling and arranging vacation and holiday coverage;
  • Insuring the completion of time sheets and nursing assessments, as well as your PA(s), medical, and employment documents such as Employment/Wage Agreement, Tax Forms W-4 and IT-2104;
  • Insure that the number of hours and days under the care plan are not exceeded;
  • Insuring that your PA(s) work(s) the hours indicated on their time sheets;
  • Accepting full responsibility for any personal injury or loss of property that may result from the action or inaction of your PA(s);
  • Signing a contractual agreement with the program to fulfill these responsibilities.

CAPCO's Responsibilities

  • Processing employee payroll.
  • Acting as the employer-of-record for insurance, unemployment and worker's compensation benefits.
  • Coordinating annual leave, health insurance, unemployment and other benefit programs for each PA.
  • Provide assistance with PA coverage and recruitment.
  • Billing Medicaid for reimbursement.
  • Provide Consumers with information assistance, training, supervision, advocacy, and care management.
  • Monitoring the completion of the required nursing assessment forms and the consumer agreement outlining obligations and responsibilities.
  • Maintaining a personnel record for each PA including, at a minimum, copies of the enrollment forms annual health assessments, and the information needed for processing the payroll and administering benefits.
  • Engaging in ongoing monitoring of activities that include periodic contacts with the consumer, and reviews of the six-month nursing assessment.
  • Providing appropriate notification pertaining to any intention to transfer or terminate the consumer from the program.
  • Monitoring the completion of annual employee medical forms and all required medical documents.
  • Monitor the Consumer's continuing ability to fulfill those responsibilities documented in his or her record.

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