Opportunity Community Navigator Training

The Opportunity Community (OC) model is a national movement designed to create the types of communities we all want to live in. This can be achieved by increasing prosperity for the people living in the crisis of poverty. The OC model employs a comprehensive approach that builds on the existing strengths of people in poverty, business, social service, education, healthcare, justice, faith-based organizations and community members to make a difference for their region. The Cortland County Community Action Program, Inc. (CAPCO) is leading the effort to launch the program locally.

The next step in the Opportunity Community is the Navigator Training.   More than 300 people been involved in this process through attendance at the Leadership and/or Prosperity Summits.  The next step is the Navigator Training.  A Navigator is a community member who is willing to share their wisdom, experience and networks to assist their neighbor on their journey to move out and stay out of poverty.  This model works because of people in the community willing to be a neighbor, supporting others in the community.  You will not be on this journey alone.  Training and support will be provided.

If you are interested in more information or to sign up to be a Navigator, call Joyce Allen at CAPCO @ 607-753-6781. There are three training options – you choose the ONE that best suits your schedule.  The trainings will be held at Grace Christian Fellowship Church.  The training options are:

Thursday, September 5, 9:00-11:00 a.m., or

Thursday, September 5 2:00-4:00 p.m., or

Friday, September 6, 9:00-11:00