Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) affords the consumer the opportunity to live in the community as independently as possible. This program is designed to enable the consumer to take an active, responsible role in planning their home care.

  • The CDPAP is a long-term home-care program that enables the service recipients to receive Personal Assistance Services free of the constraints that would otherwise be imposed upon them by a more formal health care environment.
  • The CDPAP can enable a Consumer to direct their Personal Assistant in the provision of a wide range of services that can include basic housekeeping, personal care or high level nursing services.

To sign up for this program

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“I endorse Consumer Directed programs like CAPCO. These programs allow individuals with disabilities to be self-directing and lead independent lives. Making possibilities realities!” Frances Pizzola

Eligibility for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

  • Be a Cortland County Resident!

For a person with a disability to participate in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program they must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be eligible for and in receipt of New York State Medicaid and reside in Cortland County.
  • Must be eighteen years of age or older.
  • Must medically require assistance in home care functions, are in need of personal care services, or long term home health care program services, or AIDS home care program services, or home health aide services as determined by an assessment.
  • Must be self-directing, or have a legal guardian:
    • Able and willing to make informed choices regarding the type and quality of home care services to be provided and to participate in the selection, supervision, evaluation and termination of qualified service providers
    • Able and willing to instruct service providers in required work tasks
    • Able and willing to direct and manage a payment authorization systemt

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program Responsibilities

Consumer Responsibilities

  • Managing the services of the persons you employ including recruiting, interviewing, training, supervising, and dismissing the employee;
  • Informing CAPCO of changes in your, or your PA(s) status, which may include hospitalization, address, phone number;
  • Scheduling and arranging vacation and holiday coverage;
  • Insuring the completion of time sheets and nursing assessments, as well as your PA(s), medical, and employment documents such as Employment/Wage Agreement, Tax Forms W-4 and IT-2104;
  • Insure that the number of hours and days under the care plan are not exceeded;
  • Insuring that your PA(s) work(s) the hours indicated on their time sheets;
  • Accepting full responsibility for any personal injury or loss of property that may result from the action or inaction of your PA(s);
  • Signing a contractual agreement with the program to fulfill these responsibilities.

CAPCO's Responsibilities

  • Processing employee payroll.
  • Acting as the employer-of-record for insurance, unemployment and worker's compensation benefits.
  • Coordinating annual leave, health insurance, unemployment and other benefit programs for each PA.
  • Provide assistance with PA coverage and recruitment.
  • Billing Medicaid for reimbursement.
  • Provide Consumers with information assistance, training, supervision, advocacy, and care management.
  • Monitoring the completion of the required nursing assessment forms and the consumer agreement outlining obligations and responsibilities.
  • Maintaining a personnel record for each PA including, at a minimum, copies of the enrollment forms annual health assessments, and the information needed for processing the payroll and administering benefits.
  • Engaging in ongoing monitoring of activities that include periodic contacts with the consumer, and reviews of the six-month nursing assessment.
  • Providing appropriate notification pertaining to any intention to transfer or terminate the consumer from th program.
  • Monitoring the completion of annual employee medical forms and all required medical documents.
  • Monitor the Consumer's continuing ability to fulfill those responsibilities documented in his or her record.
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    Need help or know of someone who needs help? Fill out the form below or call us today.
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